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Testosterone is a steroid, specifically a hormone. In warm-blooded mammals, which of course includes the human species, most testosterone is secreted in the male testes, and in the female ovaries. The remaining amount of a body's testosterone is secreted by the adrenal glands.

Anadoil (Androstenedoil) is designed to greatly increase testosterone levels in humans. Androstenedoil is a direct converter that ideally changes hormones into testosterone.

Testosterone plays a major role in health, and sexual function, of both men and women. And, it's function is equally as important in both sexes. Testosterone affects the brain, and will increase sexual desire, and energy. And, it will also increase red blood cell production, which protects bone health from osteoporosis disease.


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Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men, producing anywhere from forty to sixty times more testosterone than women. And, despite the lesser production, and amount of testosterone a woman may have, a woman's behaviour is highly sensitive to the testosterone itself. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, based on a study in 1996, testosterone was not found to have any effect on male moods, or male behaviour.

The effects of Testosterone Anadoil in a body includes increased muscle mass, strength, bone density and strength and increased bone growth and maturation. Testosterone also increases sex organ maturation, especially that of a male penis. And, with aging, hormonal effects may decrease along with actual testosterone levels.

Most recently, research has shown that testosterone can potentially increase the rate that prostate cancer spreads. However, it is no longer viewed as a cause, itself, as it was formerly thought to have done.